University of Auckland オークランド紹介

Auckland Harbor and Downtown

  • Auckland is a Very Nice City
  • It is Big (1.2 million people), but not too big!
  • It is also very international, multi-cultural.
    In the street, you will hear many different languages
    ・Lots of East Asians: Chinese, Koreans and of course, Japanese.
    ・Quite a lot of South Asians: Indians and Pakistanis.
    ・Quite a lot of Arabs
    ・About 15% of NZ population are Maori.
    ・There are white people too. Quite a lot of Europeans.
  • Many nice coffee shops and restaurants (seafood is good)
  • Lots of water, surrounded by the sea.
  • BUT, there are lots of hills downtown.


Auckland University`s English Language Academy (ELA)