Faculty Members

Faculty supervisors are marked with an asterisk (*).

(Alphabetical order / Incumbent, 2022)

Life Sciences

Position NameArea and Subject Research Theme(s)
* Shinobu Chiba Molecular Biology Molecular Biology of Protein Biogenesis and Localization
* Toshiya Endo Structural Biology, Molecular Cell Biology How to Make Mitochondria from Proteins and Lipids
* Chihiro Hama Molecular Neuroscience Roles for Synaptic Cleft Matrix in Development of Brain Functions
* Naoki Itano Aging Biology Development of Innovative Technologies for Healthy Longevity
* Takakazu Kaneko Genomics Genomics of Plant-Associated Microbes
* Keiko Kato Animal Anatomy and Neurobiology Study on Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Neural Circuits Plasticity in the Limbic System
* Akira Kawabe Molecular Population Genetics Research on the Maintenance Mechanisms of DNA Variation in Plant Species
Masahiro Kawakami Science communication Research on Science Communication and Research Governance
* Kohki Kawane Cell Biology Molecular Mechanism and Physiological Role of Epithelial Cell Death in Digestive Tract
* Seisuke Kimura Plant Developmental Biology Plant Ecological Evolutionary Developmental Biology
* Akira Kurosaka Neuroglycobiology Functional Analysis of Glycosyltransferases in Neural Differentiation
* Akihiko Maeda Environmental Hygiene Ecological and Molecular Biological Studies of Pathogenic Microbes
* Yuichiro Mishima RNA regulation Molecular Mechanisms of RNA Regulation During Embryogenesis
* Takeshi Motohashi Plant Physiology and Biochemistry Functional Regulation in Chloroplast of Plants
* Nobuhiro Nakamura Cell and Developmental Biology Study on the Roles of Organelles in the Developmental Systems
* Takaaki Nishida  Environmental policy and planning Research on green infrastructure evaluation and planning
* Yoshii Nishino Virology Molecular Mechanism of Viral Neurological and Neurobehavioral Disease
* Tetsuro Nomura Animal Breeding Applications of Population Genetics to Animal Breeding and Conservation
* Toshiyuki Saito Neurobiology Stress Disorders and Regeneration of Neurons in the Brain
* Yuki Sanpei Social-ecological systems Sustainable land-use planning in urban and rural area
* Ken-ichi Sato Cell Signaling and Development Biological Function of Gametes, Early Embryos, and Cancer Cells
* Misuzu Seo Molecular and Cell Biology, Cell Signaling (1)Regulation of Neuronal and Vascular Development
(2)Targeting Growth Factor-Mediated Cell Signaling for Cancer Therapy
* Hidetaka Shiratori Mechanism of organogenesis Molecular Mechanism of Morphological Changes in Organogenesis
* Jun-ichi Takahashi Molecular Ecology of Animals Molecular Ecology and Applied Entomology
* Hiroki Takakuwa Infectious Disease Study on Ecology and Pathogenicity of Influenza Viruses
* Yasuyuki Tanahashi Veterinary Pharmacology Regulation of Smooth Muscle Contractility and Associated Functional Disorders
* Toru Terachi Plant Molecular Biology Molecular Genetics of Higher Plant Organelles
* Hideaki Tsuge Structural Biology Structural and Functional Study of Protein Complex
* Ryo Ushioda Molecular and Cellular Biology (1) Life of Proteins: Protein Quality Control and Diseases
(2) Functional Regulation by Molecular Chaperones and Oxidoreductases in Mammalian Cells  
* Ken Yokoyama Membrane Bioenergetics (1) Molecular Mechanism of Energy Conversion Enzymes
(2) Studies of Rrelationship Between Energy Metabolism and Cellular Aging