General education

Faculty-wide General Education

The goal of our faculty-wide general education program is to develop generalists with a wide range of knowledge in diversified areas.

Faculty-wide General Education Courses

Based on our educational philosophy of developing “creative human resources with strong self-discipline and the ability to play an important role at home and abroad without neglecting social responsibilities”, Kyoto Sangyo University aims at nurturing generalists with a wide range of knowledge by offering a comprehensive array of courses for the following faculty-wide disciplines.

To achieve this goal, the university has established a faculty-wide education curriculum intended for all of our students, which comprehensively covers the following liberal arts disciplines to nurture well-rounded academic skills and character, which are the basis required for specialized study and for the students to function as responsible members of society. The students will take these elective courses concurrently with specialized courses of their own faculties over four years. The curriculum includes “Human Science Education Courses,” which offer comprehensive knowledge on humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, “Language Education Courses,” which allow students to learn English and nine other foreign languages selected according to their interests and to cultivate their international mindset, “Physical Education Courses,” which promote students’ own health management and competitive abilities, and “Career Support Program Courses,” which assist students in acquiring practical skills and raising self-motivation for career development to realize their goals and accomplish their dreams.

Faculty-wide General Education Courses

  • Human Science Education Courses
  • Language Education Courses
  • Physical Education Courses
  • Career Support Program Courses

Center for Faculty-wide General Education

The Center for Faculty-wide General Education, which was established to offer a curriculum of general courses to the students of all faculties, organizes the faculty-wide general education curriculum and implements it in accordance with the university’s founding principles and educational philosophy.