Faculty of Foreign Studies

Cultivating the globally literate graduates the world needs by providing them
with solid linguistic skills and a good education.

The Faculty of Foreign Languages will reorganize its departmental structure in April 2014 to set up new programs in English, European Languages, and Asian Languages. The English department will offer majors in the language itself and in English Careers; European Languages will provide majors in German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, and Media Communication; and Asian Languages' offerings will include Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, and Japanese and Communications. The resulting structure will allow students to learn from any of 10 languages, unusual for a private university.

Improved abilities in the major language plus English

The faculty's objective is to maintain the quality and variety of major courses while cultivating students' English abilities to the point where they can carry out basic communication in English. The linguistic skills that students acquire will permit them to function broadly in global society.

Acquiring a good education beyond the major language

We are introducing a department structure so that students not only study the language area of their major but balance that well by acquiring an international perspective and an extensive specialized education. In the English, European Languages, and Asian Languages departments to be launched in April 2014, the Faculty will provide a multilayered specialized education through major language, interdepartmental, and inter-faculty courses in order to satisfy the diverse needs of our students. Through this, students will be able to acquire not only specialized knowledge that has been broken down by segment, but also an extensive specialized education.

Overseas study to cultivate the spirit for taking on challenges

Starting in 2014, all departments and majors will implement their own "overseas training" programs so that their students can have the opportunity to experience study abroad while at KSU.

The Faculty is undertaking a major departmental reorganization, and new departments will be established with the 2014 academic year. We will be moving ahead as planned on a new curriculum and devote our energies toward posting good results in our effort tonurture globally literate graduates.