Division of Economics

Analyzing and Examining Contemporary Economic Issues Objectively

Division of Economics aims to foster professionals who objectively analyze and consider various economic problems facing the contemporary society. After completion, our graduates are expected to work as a specialized professional in government or corporations, a researcher at think-tanks, or a professional with advanced knowledge. Since its establishment, the Division offers multifaceted curriculum, based on the modern economics. Our graduate students are able to learn the latest economic theories and analytical methodology.

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Graduate Division Program Description

Small Size Education and Close Supervision

Our Division provides close supervision and extensive support to graduate students’ research. The graduate courses are offered in small class size.

Versatile Faculty Members Respond to Diverse Needs

Our Division consists of versatile faculty members and offers a wide range of specialized subjects, in response to diverse needs of our graduate students’ research. We offer courses on economic history, the latest economic problems, not only in Japan, but other parts of the regions.

Supporting Students with no Economics Background and Business Persons from the Basic

We welcome applicants with a diverse range of backgrounds, individuals from other faculties and business persons. Graduate students deepen their research in a stimulating environment. Basic courses on the theory of microeconomics and macroeconomics are offered, allowing students with no previous knowledge of economics to seek for respective research theme and complete their Master’s thesis within two years.