Faculty of Business Administration

Department of Management
Acquiring Practical Management Abilities for the International Stage

Students will learn in an interdisciplinary fashion about the necessary management to connect people, objects, and society for our greatly changing contemporary world. The department arranges the management specializations into three learning domains. Students base themselves in one specific domain and learn about fields in an interdisciplinary manner based on their desired career path. The department thus cultivates quality human resources with integrated management abilities (for example, having the ability to collect accurate information, accurately judging the situation at hand, thinking logically and acting, and so on).

Learning Highlights

Learn Widely from Three Domains and Cultivate the Ability to Advance Organizations

The faculty divides the necessary specializations for management into three domains: strategy and organization, in which students learn how to utilize people, objects, money, and information; marketing and innovation, which showcases innovation in markets, products, and services; and accountability and governance, in which students learn about fund management and business plans. In their first and second years, students will study these three domains, while third-year students engage with extensive learning centered on a primary domain that they have chosen in accordance with their interests, thereby heightening their expertise and acquiring the ability to create new values.

A Rich Set of Practice-Oriented Classes and Practicums: Case Studies and More

A rich curriculum is in place that closely connects to the current society and enables students to be globally active in the future. By participating in practice-oriented classes (for example, case studies in which students study the most current topics in management), students will not only acquire expert knowledge, but also cultivate their cooperative natures, logical thinking abilities, and autonomy.

Practice-Oriented Seminars: Starting in the Second Year

Seminars are offered over the course of three years so that students can engage in high-level research, surveys, and analysis, fully delving into research topics. Students are able to closely communicate with teachers and other students thanks to small class sizes. Active discussions also promote students’ understanding of society.


Strategy & Organization

Students will study the necessary knowledge for effectively making use of people, objects, money, and information in various organizational activities within society.

Major Subjects

Management Strategy, Management Organizations, Human Resource Management, International Companies, Small and Medium-Sized Company Management, Strategic Management, Case Analysis.

Marketing & Innovation

Students will learn management methods required to effectively engage in markets, products, and service innovation, as well as acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to do so.

Major Subjects

Overview of Commerce, Marketing Strategy, Consumer Behavior, Innovation Management, Venture Businesses, Chain Stores, etc.

Accountability & Governance

Students will learn through practice how to appropriately manage funds and formulate business plans, which is indispensable for companies and other organizations’ fulfillment of their social responsibilities.

Major Subjects

Finance and Accounting, Management Accounting, Financial Planning, Social Governance, Corporate Communication, etc.