Faculty of Business Administration

Developing business leaders with strong management capability.

By providing a managerial education and related sciences combined with a broad-based liberal education, the Faculty of Business Administration aims to cultivate business person with strong management capability applicable to any organizational environment. The faculty offers three courses of specialized studies: Business Administration, Social Management, and Accounting and Finance.

Department of Business Administration

Students focus on learning diverse aspects of business administration while acquiring extensive knowledge including organizations, business strategy, marketing.The goal of this training is to produce individuals with an ability to play a significant role in the society.

Department of Social Management

Students primarily study the administrative sciences related to the public sector, social organizations, and health care. The program provides an enhanced awareness of the public domain, knowledge of a variety of social areas, and the understanding of health care required to work within an organization. It develops individuals who can produce practical solutions to today’s increasingly complex social problems.

Department of Accounting and Finance

This program aims to develop persons who operate an organization efficiently and there by make a contribution to the society based on specialized and systematic knowledge of funding and investment, as well as utilization and disclosure of accounting information.
The program also puts energy into developing the specialized skills required for positions such as professional accounting or consulting.

Faculty of Business Administration will take bold steps over the next several years to enhance the functionality of the division in response to the rapid changes taking place in the world. Efforts will include developing human resources that play an active role in the globalizing society , and in the local community.