Division of Management

Acquiring Advanced Management Capability Applicable to a Diversity of Organizations

The Division works on a wide range of traditional and emerging areas, such as business administration and business management, allowing our graduate students to engage in their research deeply. In particular, our Division has pioneered and been leading research on social management targeting nonprofit organizations. We foster advanced management capability that can be applied to solve problems.

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Graduate Division Program Description

Welcoming Diverse Students, Working Persons, Regardless of Background Disciplines

The Division accepts diverse applicants, including international students and business persons, regardless of their undergraduate field of study, and fosters advanced management capability demanded by a society. Remedial courses are offered to assist beginning students in gaining basic knowledge on management.

Possible to Acquire a Graduate Degree while Keeping an Employment

Business persons are able to obtain a graduate degree while keeping their employment by taking courses at night and on Saturdays. The Division closely responds to needs of business persons who are required to hold the advanced management capability.

Two Degrees in Hand in the U.S. and Japan in Two Years

Our “Dual-Degree Program” aims to foster executives and business persons who are wellgrounded and adaptive to rapidly changing contexts. Graduate students aim to obtain both a MBA and a Master’s Degree (Management) simultaneously in two years, one semester at KSU, studying abroad to University of Missouri-St. Louis for one year, and then at KSU for one semester.