Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering

Acquiring a solid foundation in information science to elicit creativity and develop applied skills.

The Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering was established in the 2008 academic year to meet the rapidly expanding needs of an information society. It was a natural reorganization that combined the Department of Computer Science in the Faculty of Science and the Department of Information Communication Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering. The faculty is comprised of three departments: the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Network Media, and the Department of Intelligent Systems. These departments provide education that covers a wide range of information-related fields of growing importance focused on three particular areas —fundamental areas in information science, rapidly growing areas related to computer networks, and various human interfaces involving information systems.

The Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering eschews rote memorization of knowledge. Instead, it focuses on three aspects of education: (1) understanding basic concepts, facts, and principles in information science; (2) developing the ability to apply basic knowledge through experiments and practical training; and (3) developing the ability to challenge new themes and fields for graduation work.

Department of Computer Science

Students learn about basic computer technologies used in a wide range of domains, acquiring advanced knowledge and developing applied skills using cutting-edge technologies.

Department of Network Media

Students learn about fundamental computer networking technologies and acquire specialized knowledge in areas such as security, as well as skills in working with the latest web application and multimedia technologies.

Department of Intelligent Systems

Students explore truly human-centered and user-friendly approaches to computing and modes of use that have not existed before. Such approaches draw upon a wide range of fields such as neuroscience and “kansei (affective) engineering.”

The Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering graduated its first class in academic 2011. At the same time, the faculty opened a post-graduate master’s program in Frontier Informatics within the Division of Frontier Informatics, Furthermore, a doctoral program was opened in academic 2013, meaning that it is now possible to study this field from undergraduate level to PhD. We intend to nurture human resources equipped with specialized knowledge which will enable them to flourish in the global community. We will do this by giving them finely tuned training that is perfectly tailored to suit the level and needs of students in the present day.