First-Year Research

Kyoto Sangyo University has a group of introductory and connecting subjects that students begin to take in their first year as part of shared subjects.
These first-year subjects cultivate students’ abilities to adapt to the university life, aiding in the transition from high school, and develop liberal arts knowledge required to study-specialized subjects. Furthermore, there are courses for students in their last year, which develop students’ flexibility and adaptation to different environments (such as “Transitioning from University to Society”).

List of Introductory and Connecting Subjects

Subject Category Subject Title
Shared Subjects Human Sciences Subjects Introductory and Connecting Subjects Group Japanese Expression 1
Japanese Expression 2
Introduction to Multifaceted Thinking and Integrated Education

University History and Kyoto Sangyo University

Kumamoto / Yamaga Field
GJP Introductory Seminar
Hatenathon Seminar
Career Formation Support Subjects Introductory and Education Subjects Group Self-Discovery and University Life

Career Re-Design