Faculty Members

Faculty supervisors are marked with an asterisk (*).

(Alphabetical order / Incumbent, 2022)


Position NameArea and Subject Research Theme(s)
Atsuko Fujino Population and Labor Studies Empirical studies on population and labor issues
  Tsuyoshi Hamano Health Sociology Research on the effect of social and geographic factors on health
Kimio Ito Gender Sociology Comparative Sociology on Gender Policy
  Takashi Ito Political Sociology Political Sociology on Public Opinion and Political Participation
  Yu Kagimoto Sociology on Self, Media Sociology Sociology on Dismantling the Self
Jun Kanamitsu Quantatative and Mathematical Social Research  Quantatative analyses of art tourism using social network methods
  Atsufumi Kato Cultural Anthropology Anthropological field research on local governance in Vietnam
Kenji Mimino Social Philosophy Law and Philosophy of German Civil Society in the 19th Century
  Mutsuko Okuda Sport Sociology Sport Sociology on Inclusive Sport
Piya Pongsapitaksanti Media Studies, Advertising Studies Advertising Research, International Comparison of Advertising
  Hiroki Shigeno Sociology of Local Community, Regional Policy Studies Community development in a shrinking society
Hiroshi Sowaki Education Policy Education Policy, Evidence Based Education
  Sho Sugawara Cultural Sociology, Central and East European Studies Memory of socialism in Post-socialist Poland
  Michihisa Suzuki Cultural Theory of Water Research on the role that water plays in the community
  Kohei Tahata Humanistic and social informatics Regional vitalization by advanced technology for creating contents
  Noriko Wakihama Digitization and Media, Local Media The Digital Transition of Local News and Information
Chie Yamanaka Popular Culture Studies/Media Studies East Asian Comics/Manga Studies