Faculty Members

Faculty supervisors are marked with an asterisk (*).

(Alphabetical order / Incumbent, 2022)


Position NameArea and Subject Research Theme(s)
  Masakazu Ejiri British and American Culture American Cultural Landscape
* Peter Bartlett Gobel Applied Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, Teaching English as a Foreign or Second Language Motivation and Affect in Language Learning
  Lavolette Elizabeth Holly Pfaff Applied Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, Computer-Assisted Language Learning anguage center studies, the role of feedback timing in second language acquisition
* Makimi Kano Corpus Linguistics Corpus-based Analyses of Vocabulary, Usage, and Meaning, Assimilation Process of Loanwords, Metaphor Study
* Kazuhiko Namba Applied Linguistics, Bilingualism Linguistic Analyses of Code-switching in English-Japanese Bilinguals
  Masae Suzuki English Communication・English Literature, Comparative Literature Comparative Theatre Studies focusing on Reception of Shakespeare in Asia, Irish Theatre, Okinawan Theatre and Adaptation of Noh
* Takaaki Suzuki Psycholinguistics, First Language Acquisition, Second Language Acquisition, Language Processing
Language Acquisition
* Mari Takahashi Linguistics, English Linguistics Grammatical theory of natural language, Syntax, Morphology, Comparison of English and Japanese
  Izumi Takiguchi Linguistics Second Language Speech Perception and Production
* Ryusuke Yamato English Education Studies Factors Affecting Individual Performance in Language Learning, Learning Strategies and Self-directed Learning


Position NameArea and Subject Research Theme(s)
* Kaori Hatakeyama Chinese Culture, Comparative Culture The Comparative Study of Japan and China in Terms of Reception of Foreign Cultures
  Masahiro Ikeda East Asian History History of Books Among East Asian Nations
  Hiroko Kume Chinese philosophy Historical development of interpretations of Confucian scriptures
* Tatsuya Sawada Chinese Linguistics Historical Chinese phonology and the history of Chinese dictionaries
* Mitsuyo Seki Chinese language studies Translation and interpreting theories and their application to Chinese language learning


Position NameArea and Subject Research Theme(s)
* Toru Hiratsuka French, Linguistics Cognitive Linguistics Studies Focused Primarily on French
* Toshiyuki Imanishi Modern Japanese Linguistics, Japanese Language Education Syntax and Semantics of Modern Japanese Language, Developing Textbook of Japanese Language Education, Japanese Language Education in the Multicultural Symbiotic Societies
* Mitsushi Kitajo Russian The study of Russian language from the point of view of text linguistics
* Mitsuru Kobayashi Italian, Italian Literature Galileo Galilei as seen from the Perspective of Italian Linguistic and Literary History
* Norio Shima German language, Linguistics Research in German grammer, syntactic constructions in German Based on semantics and functional typology, and contrastive analysis of German, Japanese and English languages
  Yukio Shimoda Spanish linguistics, General linguistics Spanish syntax, semantics and pragmatics. Studies for the constructions of Spanish based on the corpus.
* Yoshio Tamamura Japanese linguistics History of the Japanese language -Semantics,lexicology and notation theory (classic and modern Japanese)
-Grammaticalization in Japanese
  Park Jin Wan History of Korean language, history of Japanese language, contrastive linguistics Korean language education history in Japan, Japanese language education history in Korea
  Kazuhiko Yasuda Linguistics(Bahasa Indonesia) Indonesian Grammar, Syntax, Functional Grammar
* Kazuhiko Yoshida Indo-European comparative linguistics, historical linguistics, general linguistics A Theoretical and Descriptive Study of the Structure and History of Languages