Division of Engineering

Opening up new fields in leading-edge areasof biotechnology.

The Graduate Division of Engineering offers the use of state-ofthe- art research facilities and provides attentive guidance by topnotch teaching staff capable of handling students in a near one-onone teaching situation. The teaching and research system is comprised of four areas—Molecular and Biochemical Engineering, Molecular and Cellular Engineering, Molecular and Immunological Engineering, and Plant Breeding. Additionally, the graduate division has capable teaching staff who teach basic sciences focusing on cell biology and embryology, as well as applied sciences that deal with the influenza virus and other infectious diseases, for example. The range of subjects being taught and researched is extensive.

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Vigorous experimental pursuit

Students will devote much energy to their studies, which will include devising experimental designs and discussing matters with their research advisor. Students must also come up with ideas on their own and patiently repeat the process of trial and error to generate results. These efforts will deeply instill knowledge and sharpen their intellectual acumen. The time may also come when one experiences the great joy of the researcher who achieves results never before obtained in the world. Such an intellectual environment fosters great creativity that will extend beyond one’s field of research and positively affect other areas of one’s life.

Presenting at conferences

Presenting one’s research findings at conferences in Japan and overseas is highly encouraged, and financial assistance is also provided. As a result, the number of research presentations made by the Division of Engineering is one of the highest among private graduate schools in Japan. To give a presentation requires careful preparation in many ways, whether in terms of gathering data or making the presentation persuasive, which becomes an invaluable experience. Educational and research-related instruction encourages the pursuit of the truths that lie behind natural mysteries or the development of new technologies, which in turn leads to significant research results and also helps to form in the student the individual human qualities needed in society.

The Division of Engineering plans to develop into a full-fledged graduate school based on the Faculty of Life Sciences. The new graduate school will aim to bring humanity and nature into harmony on a broader level while promoting enduring progress and training the people who will bring science and technology forward.

Faculty Members