Faculty Members

Faculty supervisors are marked with an asterisk (*).

(Alphabetical order / Incumbent, 2016)


Position Name Area and Subject Research Theme(s) HP
*Professor Chihiro Hama Brain Development Regulatory Mechanisms for the Formation of Neural Circuits English
*Professor Naoki Itano Molecular Oncology Development of Innovative Technologies for Healthy Longevity
*Professor Takakazu Kaneko Bioinformatics Genomics of plant-related microbes
*Professor Keiko Kato Laboratory of Animal Anatomy
and Neurobiology
Study on molecular mechanisms underlying neural circuits plasticity in the limbic system. English
*Associate Professor Akira Kawabe Population Genetics Understanding the Maintenance Mechanism of DNA Mutation in Wild Plant Populations
*Professor Seisuke Kimura Plant Developmental Biology Study on the roles and mechanism of phenotypic plasticity in leaf shape
*Professor Akira Kurosaka Cell Biology Functional Analysis of Glycosyltransferases in Neural Differentiation English
*Professor Akihiko Maeda Molecular Virology Molecular virology and molecular epidemiology of mosquitoborne flaviviruses
*Visiting Professor Kozo Matsumoto Genetics in Experimental Medicine Type 2 diabetes with obesity English
*Professor Takeshi Motohashi Plant Physiology and Biochemistry The Redox Regulation Mechanism of Higher Plants
*Visitng Professor Kazuhiro Nagata Molecular and Cellular Biology 1) Life of Proteins; Protein Quality Control Mechanism and Diseases
2) Regulation of Cellular Functions by Molecular Chaperones
*Professor Hiroshi Nakada Immunochemistry Cancer Cell Characteristics and Their Effect on Immune Mechanisms Japanese
*Professor Nobuhiro Nakamura Cell and Developmental Biology Study on the Roles of Organelles in the Developmental Systems English
*Associate Professor Yoshii Nishino Virology ・Mechanism of disease outcome by virus infection
・Viral neurological and neurobehavioral disease
*Professor Tetsuro Nomura Animal Breeding and Genetics Applications of Population Genetics to Animal Breeding and Conservation
*Professor Toshiyuki Saito Neurobiology Stress Disorders and Regeneration of Neurons in the Brain
*Professor Ken-ichi Sato Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering Biological Functions of Germ Cells and Cancer Cells English
*Professor Misuzu Seo Molecular and Cell Biology, Cell Signaling Regulation of Cell Proliferation and Differentiation by Growth Factors and Cell Signaling Japanese
*Visiting Professor Nobuo Shimamoto Nanobiology/Nanotechnology Nanobiology of gene expression English
*Associate Professor Jun-ichi Takahashi Molecular Ecology of Animals Analysis of Insect and Animal Ecologies and Practical Application
*Professor Hiroki Takakuwa Infectious Disease Study on ecology and pathogenicity of avian influenza viruses
*Professor Minoru Takeuchi Immune Cell Biology Experimental Medical Research on Immune Mechanisms of Smoking and Tumor English
*Professor Toru Terachi Plant Molecular Genetics,
Plant Breeding
Molecular Genetics of Higher Plant Organelles Japanese
*Professor Hideaki Tsuge Protein Structural Biology Structural Biology of infectious disease English
*Professor Hiroshi Yamagishi Plant Breeding Engineering Elucidation of the Origin and Evolution of Crops and Development of New Crops by Means of Genome Engineering Japanese
*Professor Ken Yokoyama Membrane Bioenergetics Molecular mechanism of energy converted enzymes English