Faculty Members

Faculty supervisors are marked with an asterisk (*).

(Alphabetical order / Incumbent, 2022)


Position NameArea and Subject Research Theme(s)
* Hideaki Fujii Economics of Energy Resources Study of Energy Economics and Sustainable Development
* Tadashi Fukui Economics of Social Security Public Policy for Heterogeneous Individuals who Confront Lifecycle Uncertainty
* Fujio Goto Theory of Economic Systems Comparisons of Various Economic Systems Including North Korea
* Shigeru Hirota Regional Economics Regional Economics, Health and Economy
* Yoshio Iida Public Economics Experimental and theoretical study of the valuntary contribution to a public good
* Tomoyuki Kamo Industrial Organization General Equilibrium Theory, Mathematical Economics
* Hiroshi Kitamura Applied Microeconomics Market Diffusion and Exclusive dealing
* Nobuhisa Namimatsu Agricultural Policy History of Agricultural Science in Britain and Japan
* Yoshiko Nishimura Financial Theory Financial behaviour of households
* Hidenori (Sobei) Oda Microeconomics Growth and Income Distribution Theory, Experimental Economics, Experimental Philosophy, Computability
* Yoshifumi Okawa International Economics Theoretical study on the impact of trade policy on economic and social welfare
* Tatsuhiko Onishi Theory of Small-and-medium sized Enterprises Study various problems in local industries from the viewpoint of the theory of small business
* Hitoshi Osaka Development Economics Economic Growth in Asia
* Kentaro Saito European Economic History Labor history of Britain,Comparative studies in labour history
* Koji Sakai Monetary and Financial Economics Corporate Finance, Banking, and Financial Markets
  Shizuka Sekita Japanese Economy Empirical Analysis of Household Behavior
* Jungwook Shim Managerial Economics Empirical analysis of family business using long term date on Japanese listed companies
* Kota Sugahara Local Public Finance Regional Competition under Decentralization,Interregional Disparity in Fiscal Power
* Shiro Takeda Environmental Economics Climate Change Policy (Emissions Trading System), Computable General Equilibrium Analysis
* Toshiaki Tamaki European Economic History History of North European Trade from the 16th through 18th Centuries
* Yasushi Tanaka Labor Economics Human capital theory, OJT, University enrolment rate and its determining factors, Economical Inequality
* Akira Terai Advanced Topics in Economic Policy Macroeconomics and the Japanese Economy, Inflation, Expectations
* Tomoyoshi Terasaki Urban Economics Analysis of urban structure,Analysis of regional economy
* Futoshi Yamauchi Economic History of Japan Economic History of Early-Modern and Modern Rural Society in Japan
* Hiroyuki Yashio Public Finance, Tax Policy Empirical Analysis of the Effects of Taxes and Public Finance on the Economy
* Cen Zhiwei Chinese Economic Theory Theoretical and empirical analysis of China's economic growth and economic cycle