Faculty Members

Faculty supervisors are marked with an asterisk (*).

(Alphabetical order / Incumbent, 2019)


PositionNameArea and SubjectResearch Theme(s)
*Professor Toshiya Bando Civil Code (Consumer Law) Contract Law from the Point of Cousumer Transaction
Associate Professor Masaki Fukao Criminal Procedure Study on Exercise of Prosecutorial Power in Criminal Procedure
Associate Professor Takayuki Furutani Civil Law and EU Law Modernisation of Contractual Liability - Comparison with EU Law -
*Professor Norio Hiwatashi Code of Civil Procedure Trial Procedure Theory
Instructor Karyn Paula Kandell American Law International Business Transactions, American Law, Anglo-American Law
*Professor Yumi Kimata Commercial Law Rights of Shareholders and Protection of Minority Shareholders
*Associate Professor Yoshitaka Kimura Tax law Study on the tax avoidance
Associate Professor Asao Kure Legal History of Japan Japanese history of the relationship between the law and ritual
*Associate Professor Atsushi Masui Criminal Law Theory of Criminal Responsibility for Collective Action
*Professor Kenji Mimino Philosophy of Law Historical and Philosophical Research on Legal Theory and Legal Thought in Civil Society
*Professor Kuniyoshi Nakamura Criminal Law Responsibility Theory in the Criminal Law
*Professor Shigeki Nakayama Constitutional Law Law and bioethics
*Professor Hideki Narita Criminal Procedure Investigation and Security of Privacy
*Professor Naoto Noishiki Tax Law Tax Procedure, Consumption Tax Act
*Professor Akiko Okamoto Criminal Law Theory of Justifications, Japanese Criminal Law, Anglo-American Criminal Law
Associate Professor Ikumi Sato Private International Law Transnational Secured Transaction and Law
*Professor Makoto Sato Commercial Law,Corporation Law Corporate Governance, Regulations on Combined Companie
*Professor Hiroshi Suga Constitution History of the Japanese Constitution in the Modern Age, Religious Law in Germany
*Professor Junko Takahata Social Security Law A Comparative Study of the Japanese and German Unemployment Insurance Law
*Professor Hidehiro Takashima Civil Law,Medical law,Consumer Law "Supplementary Duty of a Contract, Legal Regulations of Assisted
Reproductive Technologies, Systematization of Consumer Education"
*Professor Goro Toda International Law Immigration Control and Asylum Policy in Europe
*Associate Professor Tatsuya Ueno Civil Law Civil Law and Special Private Law
*Associate Professor Aiko Wakasa Administrative Law Discretionary Function Exception in State Compensation Act
*Professor Yasuhiko Watanabe Civil Law (Family and Succession law) SOGI and Family Law
*Professor Hiromi Yamada Corporation Law, Securities and Exchange Act Companies Law, Regulations on Securities and Futures Trading
*Professor Nobuyuki Yamamoto Civil Law Who is the final debtor?
*Professor Takuya Yoshizawa Commercial Law, Insurance Law and Regulation Essence of Insurance and Insurance Contract Law, Regulation of Entry into Insurance Market

Interdisciplinary Studies in Law and Policy

PositionNameArea and SubjectResearch Theme(s)
*Professor Hideaki Ashitate Public Administration,
Political Science
(1) Official Development Assistance (ODA)
(2) Governance
Associate Professor Eri Atarashi Legal Women's Study Study on Supporting Policy for Crime Victims
*Professor Seigo Iwamoto International Law International Law Concerning Military Affairs and Security with an Emphasis on Humanitarian Law
*Associate Professor Masaaki Iwanaga Labor Law Comparative Study on Matters on the Scope of Labor Law
*Professor Congmian Jiao Environmental Governance Environmental Politics and Governance, International Comparison of Environmental Governance
*Professor Masahiro Kawai Western Political History Political Culture in Modern Germany, History of German Political Thought
*Professor Tomitaro Kitami Public Administration Governance of local government
*Associate Professor Hideo Kubo Sociology of Law Integrating Theory and Research in Sociology of Law
*Professor Hideaki Mizobe Japanese Political History Japanese Nation-State
*Professor Ayumu Nakai Political process Political process of Japan
*Professor Masanori Nakatani Theory of Political System Public Policy and Political Culture under the French Fifth Republic
*Professor Terumi Ota Administrative Law Important Issues on Environmental Administration
*Professor Fumio Shibata Social Security Policies Social Security Policies, Public Administration
*Professor Go Takida Asian Political History Politics of China, Rural Society of China
Professor Masahiro Tamura Social safety policies Acquisition and storage of information as well as control the police by the citizens
Professor Kazuhiko Togo International Politics International Politics
*Professor Kazuhide Uemura History of Political Ideas Comparative Studies in Nationalism
*Professor Chikao Uranaka Security policy in local society Study of the concept of police in terms of politics, Security measures, Study of social security