Faculty Members

Faculty supervisors are marked with an asterisk (*).

(Alphabetical order / Incumbent, 2022)

Frontier Informatics

Position NameArea and Subject Research Theme(s)
* Kanae Akaiwa Applied Integrable Systems Applied Integrable Systems and Matrix Eigenvalue Problems
* Takafumi Akasaki Biological Function Analysis Brain/Computer Interface that Interacts with Central Nerves system
* Toyokazu Akiyama Distributed Systems Research on construction and operation technology for distributed systems
* Naohiro Hayashibara Dependable Systems Dependable Distributed Systems
* Shigeyuki Hirai Human Computer Interaction (1) Ubiquitous Computing Environments and User Interfaces
(2) Design and Authoring Tools for Interactive Arts and Entertainment Systems
* Hiroyuki Inoue  Embedded systems security Cyber security for networked embedded systems
* Hiroyuki Ito Neuroscience Physiological and Theoretical Research on Visual Information Processing in the Brain
* Hiroshi Kano Image Processing and Graphics Digital Image Processing, Image Media Based on Internet
* Yukiko Kawai Data Mining Big Data analysis for Information Retrieval and Visualization
* Arata Kawamura Audio and speech processing devices Development of hearing aid devices for human and robots
* Satoshi Kobayashi Mathematical Logic Non-Classical Logics and Their Application to Computer Science
* Mitsuru Minakuchi Interaction design (1)Research on human-computer interaction
(2)Research on entertainment computing
* Hisashi Miyamori Information Retrieval Understanding, generation, and search of natural language and visual information for implementing AI working in harmony with people
* Nagisa Munekata Advanced course of interactive media Human-Computer (Agent) -Interaction, Entertainment contents based on user's attitude using biosignals
* Naohisa Nagaya Virtual Reality (1) Augmented human performance based on improving perceptions
(2) Clarification of behavioral ecology by using virtual reality systems
* Shinsuke Nakajima Social Computing (1)Recommender System by Considering Users' Context
(2)Helthcare Support based on Information Technology
* Haruo Niimi Computer Architecture Architectures of Parallel Computers and Parallel Computing
* Takeshi Ogihara Software Architecture Software development methods based on adaptable binding of components
* Akihiro Ogino Affective Engineering Research on Affective/KANSEI system for encouraging personal well-being
* Hidehiko Okada User Interface Computational Intelligence
* Jiro Okuda Human Information Processing Functional neuroimaging of higher brain functions in humans
* Eitetsu Oomoto Databases Research on Object-Oriented Multimedia Databases
* Norihisa Segawa Sensor Networks Wireless Sensor Network and Information Visualization
* Haruaki Tamada Software Security (1)Software protection mehods against illegal analysis, and theft.
(2)Readability and Understandability evaluation of programs.
* Hiroki Tanaka Visual information processing Processing and representation of visual information in the brain
* Yutaka Yasuda Distributed networking A research on distributed networking system
* Masayoshi Yoshimura Dependable Computing Research on computer systems for safety, maintainability, availability and reliability