Outside the Classroom at KSU


CIP arranges volunteer buddies to aid exchange and YAP students in settling into their new lives in Japan and to assist them with their Japanese language studies. Buddies are initially asked to assist for the first two months of the semester, after which time, continuing to meet can be decided between them and the visiting exchange/YAP student.

Clubs and Societies

TTo maximize their experience of student life at KSU, visiting students are encouraged to join a student club or society. KSU is the home to Olympic representatives for Japan in karate, judo, rugby, athletics, rowing and dressage. Students may like to join clubs such as the tea ceremony club, the orchestra or hiking club, etc. Whatever your interest, there is a club at KSU waiting to welcome you.

Even without joining a club or society, you can still be involved in student life. Support a KSU sports team such as rugby, soccer, baseball, basketball by joining weekend tours to watch matches.

Enjoy Kyoto

During your stay in our temple clad city, you can join intriguing fire festivals, chill out during the new-year celebrations and marvel at the historic Gion, Aoi and Jidai parades. You may like to represent your country in the annual International Student Song Contest run by Kyoto city. How about spending weekends meandering through handicraft markets set in the grounds of UNESCO world heritage sites? Satisfy your eyes and taste buds with world famous Japanese cuisine. Spend a semester or a year at KSU and see, hear, taste, smell and feel all that Kyoto offers.