How to Apply & Dates


How to Apply Guide for Exchange & YAP Students

Step 1. Receive approval from your home university to study at KSU

Consult with the office at your home university about your eligibility to apply to KSU

Step 2. Be nominated

Your home university submits a nomination for you to KSU.
Nomination deadlines: March 31 for September admissions and September 30 for April admissions.

Step 3. Apply for Admission

KSU will send a link to an Application for Admission Form to successfully nominated students.
Students prepare and submit their applications attaching other required documents as shown below.

Application Periods:

April 1 to 30 for fall admissions in September or
October 1 to 31 for Spring admission the following April.


*Applications will not be accepted outside of these periods.
*Only applications from students who have first been nominated by their home university will be considered.

Application Documents

  1. Application for admission – a link will be e-mailed to successfully nominated students
  2. Japanese Language Proficiency
    1. Japanese Language Proficiency Questionnaire
    2. Japanese Language Proficiency Test Results
    3. Japanese Language Proficiency Reference Letter
  3. Academic transcript from the student’s current university in Japanese or English
    Transcripts or an accompanying document should show the student's GPA.
  4. Applicant’s photograph in JPEG or JPG format. Please see here for photo requirements.
  5. Passport photocopy (pages showing photo and passport details)
  6. Application form for Certificate of Eligibility for Student Status (Contact KSU for Form)
    *(It is advised that students prepare a minimum of 80,000yen per month for on-campus accommodation and other living expenses. More may be require for off-campus living)
  7. Designated Certificate of Health (Will be e-mailed to successfully nominated students)
  8. Certificate of Enrolment (YAP students only). YAP students are additionally required to submit a Certificate of Enrolment from their home university confirming that they will remain enrolled as a student of that university throughout their time on the YAP program.

Only applications which include ALL of the above documents correctly completed will be accepted.

Email Applications

Step 4. All student applications group processed & certificates issued

Applications for admission and Certificates of Eligibility from immigration for all exchange students are processed together during November to January for spring admissions and during May to July for autumn admissions. Letters of Acceptance will be issued by e-mail and Certificates of Eligibility will be sent by courier to the applicant's home university during February or early August.

*Letters of Acceptance will be e-mailed to you once your admission has been approved.
*Certificates of Eligibility will be couriered to your home university’s designated address as soon as they are received from Japanese Immigration.
*All other documents and information will be sent by e-mail directly to successful applicants.

Step 5. Apply for your student visa

After receiving a Certificate of Eligibility and Letter of Acceptance, students can apply for a student visa at a local Japanese Embassy or Consulate office. Please consult with the office where you will apply for application details.

Step 6. Advise KSU of your arrival details and insurance

About 2 months before their planned arrival at KSU, students will be asked to submit their arrival details and travel insurance details. An arrival form will be e-mailed to students. All students are required to bring with them insurance from their country of residence. Insurance details are shown on the Arrival Form.

Step 7. Come to KSU

The final step will be to come to KSU. Due to domestic travel costs and convenience, we suggest that you arrive at either Kansai International Airport (KIX), or at Itami Airport (ITM), both of which are in Osaka. If your final flight ends in Tokyo (Haneda or Narita), then you will have to travel to Kyoto which is expensive and time consuming.

Semester Dates

Spring Semester Dates

Arrive: End of March
Orientation/Registration: Early April.
Classes begin: Early April
Classes end: Late July
Examination Period: Late July to early August

Fall Semester Dates

Arrive: Mid-September
Orientation/Registration: Late September.
Classes begin: Late September
Classes end: Late January
Examination Period: Late January to mid-February

*Acceptance for admission may be with-drawn or postponed at the discretion of KSU due to un-foreseen circumstances.
*Conditions on arrival in Japan are subject to Japanese immigration policies and requirements.


Exchange & YAP students are issued one transcript free of charge after completion of their study period at KSU. Transcripts are issued in the middle of March for students whose program ends in the Autumn semester and in the middle of September for students whose program ends in the Spring semester. Transcripts are sent by registered delivery to the student’s home university. Transcripts and grades cannot be issued earlier.


- if a student thinks that they may require additional transcripts for future use, they are advised to apply and pay for those before they leave Japan.