Exchange Student Testimonials

Sabrina – Germany

In my future job as a teacher I want to connect people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds because I think that is what teaching languages is mostly about. At KSU I met different people from all over the world and made friends through the different languages I speak. It is always fun to exchange your language with others and learn together a new one. Whenever you come to KSU make sure you don't hide in your room but explore the world with others at the university and outside in temples, shrines, mountains and cities. Regarding the university I recommend to take classes outside the Japanese language program and take part in clubs/circles or sport classes in order to meet new, Japanese people.

Xin Xin – China

I had a most fulfilling year in Kyoto. Staff were extremely supportive and provided us with so many opportunities to make Japanese friends, such as through the buddy system, tours and getting us tickets to traditional cultural events such as Sumo and Kogen. I House staff cared for us like we were their children and chatted with us like friends. The teachers were very enthusiastic and students in class helped us a lot.
Not matter where I walked, I could sense an air of tradition and intensely felt that Kyoto really is a special city. Japanese culture is enveloped through everything from houses to the food to Shrine events. Thank you to everyone at KSU who provided me with a fun and most worthwhile year.

Alicja – Poland

I first fell in love with KSU during a summer program. I then returned for a half a year exchange. My Japanese improved because of the really helpful teachers, Club activities and by making Japanese friends. I did a lot of things, varying from playing Koto to selling chicken at the university festival. The big plus of KSU is that it is located in a very beautiful, quiet and non-tourist area where deer can be seen staring at you from the forest next to university. The views on the campus are breathtaking. For future exchange students I’d advise not to be afraid of anything. Participate in everything you can: competitions, club activities, cultural events… Make friends and use as much Japanese as you can

Ivana – Czech Republic

Studying abroad at KSU was a great experience for me! I enjoyed the time here, made lots of new friends, memories and mainly experience. I have got the chance to improve my Japanese language skills and it was a great excursion to another system of education. I also had a chance to "challenge" myself - thanks to Japanese speech contest and lessons taught in Japanese alongside Japanese students. Kyoto is unbelievable - so many things to see and events to experience! Also, at the I-House we created a family and shared our problems as well as all the happy moments :) Studying in Japan at KSU has made me think about the world and people around differently, with greater respect for cultural differences. Thank you very much Japan, thank you KSU!