University Evaluation

1.Basic policy

Kyoto Sangyo University strives to improve the level of its education and research according to the educational philosophy and goals of its faculties. Kyoto Sangyo University conducts continuous self-inspections and evaluations of its teaching and research activities to accomplish its objectives and social mission.

2. Self-inspections and evaluations

A university-wide self-inspection and evaluation steering committee was organized to implement this basic policy, and promote self-inspections and evaluations across the entire university. All faculties, teaching and research centers, graduate school programs, Research Institutess, and university and corporate management departments are included in this exercise.

3. Accreditation evaluation

The university’s evaluation (accreditation evaluation) is conducted by the Japan University Accreditation Association.

Kyoto Sangyo University was subjected to a university evaluation (accreditation evaluation) in the academic year 2023. According to the findings, “the evaluation results indicated that Kyoto Sangyo University was accredited as conforming to this association’s criteria for universities.”
The current accreditation period spans 7 years from April 1, 2024, until March 31, 2031