Study Abroad Programs

Student can select subjects from introductory to practical, considering his or her level or purpose.

Short-term Study Abroad Program/ Global Science Camp (GSC)

Applying overseas experiences for future research

At the end of the first year, during spring break, students go abroad for field study at universities, research institutes, and private firms. Interactions with distinguished professionals help students explore future possibilities, gain experience for future research activities, and formulate their careers.

Long-term Study Abroad Program / Internship

Initiating advanced research abroad

GSC facilitates a wide range of opportunities for students to study abroad at universities and/or research institutes, including internships abroad. Students are encouraged to have hands-on learning experiences in a globalized world.

ThE English Program (Tokubetsu Eigo) /Special English Program

Acquiring English proficiency in science and engineering

Students will not only enhance their command of English but will also be able to present their research and exchange views in English while learning scientific and engineering themes.

  • Academic English writing
  • Science presentation
  • Business presentation
  • Academic reading (natural science)
  • Natural Science Field Reading, etc.

Global Japan Program (GJP)

Learning specialized fields and liberal arts courses in English

Together with international students at KSU, students will learn a wide range of subjects related to Japan in English, including history, culture, law, business, and science and technology. In-class discussions among international and Japanese students will help students enhance their English and improve cross-cultural adaptability.

  • Global Japan Program (GJP)
  • GJP Introductory Seminar
  • Ecology and Society
  • Environmental Problems
  • Japanese Science & Technology, etc.