Division of Law

A master’s program in interdisciplinary studies in law and policy will be established in the 2013 academic year in response to social demand.

The Division of Law offers a pre-doctoral (master’s) program and a doctoral program in law. Furthermore, for academic 2013, a new master’s program in interdisciplinary studies in law and policy will be established. The division puts great effort into supporting studies, for example through an extensive scholarship system and an extendedterm study system that enables working people to study while working and apply knowledge from their jobs in research.

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Department of Law

The Department of Law is for people who possess knowledge in the basics of law and political science and who wish to acquire advanced academic expertise. It is also for those who want to contribute to society using the advanced knowledge and insights gained through their studies by going on to work in a professional field. The department is equally designed for those who want to apply their experience in the working world to research, or for those aiming to deepen their theoretical understanding of law, who are determined problem-solvers. Individuals aiming to become certified public tax accountants can use the Joint Program (for Tax Experts) to acquire dual master’s degrees in three years by spending 1.5 years in the Division of Management and 1.5 years in the Division of Law.

Department of Interdisciplinary Studies in Law and Policy

The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies in Law and Policy was established to help the university fulfill its mission by resolving policy issues in cooperation with the community and organizations outside the university. Graduates will become well-versed in jurisprudence, political science, and policy studies, and with a strong public spirit will be able to serve the local community, become key individuals in a company, or even work internationally. A curriculum has thus been developed that combines a broad-based approach for acquiring a wide range of specialized knowledge with a clinical approach for tackling diverse problems in the real world. The three course groupings are Regional Public Policy, International Public Policy, and Public Policy Basics. Also, multiple faculty members engage in a full-fledged team teaching system. In place of a master’s thesis, a degree can beobtained through fieldwork culminating in a research paper.

The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies in Law and Policy has plans to establish a nonprofit organization (NPO) that functions in connection with the local community and local economy. A system will also be set up to actively encourage students to participate in running the organization. It will also become possible for students to acquire the qualification of “local public policy planner” authorized by the Consortium for Local Public Human Resources Development.

Faculty Members