Division of Foreign Languages

Extending one’s abilities and knowledge from the standpoint of leadership qualities for the world stage.

The Graduate Division of Foreign Languages not only helps to build a solid foundation for becoming a researcher, but trains individuals to be high-level professionals with the ability to work in many fields both in Japan and abroad. The division is comprised of three courses—English, Chinese, and Linguistics—and offers extensive oneon- one education.

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English Course

The English Course is for individuals seeking to become English teachers or aiming to work in fields related to the English language. Various subjects are available, from linguistic theory to teaching practicum, and classes are taught in English as a general rule. Smallgroup instruction cultivates strong communication ability in English, which enables the individual to obtain information without assistance and to solve problems using appropriate analytic tools.

The English Course holds great promise as a high-level faculty development organization. The curriculum enables students to develop strong leadership qualities in both theory and practice. In addition to students who are just graduating from university, entrance exams are also held for applicants currently teaching junior high school or high school English. The system will help train English teachers to be more active English-language instructors.

Chinese Course

The Chinese Course is comprised of the Chinese Language Section and the Chinese Culture Section. As students develop advanced capabilities in speaking and using the Chinese language, even at the level of diplomacy and trade, they develop a global set of values, seeing the various phenomena of East Asian culture from a macroscopic view. Examples of study include research on the Chinese language and Chinese culture, comparative studies of the cultures of China and Japan, or the study of cultural and political exchange between the two countries. In the process of carrying out such work, students gain the ability to sort through information, discover key issues and resolve them, and construct persuasive arguments.

Linguistics Course

In the Linguistics Course, students learn general theory and principles common to various languages as well as language research methodology, and study related areas such as social, psychological, and ethnic factors in the language selected for research. In so doing they develop a multi-faceted approach to linguistics. Comparative linguistics and philology are other branches of study pursued; also, research on Japanese as a foreign language for the benefit of exchange students, or comparative research on Japanese and multiple languages.

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