Professor Hisato Kondoh

Area and Subject Taught Molecular Developmental Biology
Research Theme(s) Molecular developmental biology Research themes:
Intercellular signaling and transcriptional regulation in the developmental process
Academic Degrees PhD. Kyoto University
Keywords for Research Field Embryonic development, somatic cell differentiation, intercellular signaling, transcriptional regulation
Office Phone Number 075-705-1722

Research Overview

All somatic cells of our body develop from epiblast, a cell population that develops in post-implantation embryos in the case of mammals. How a variety of somatic cell lineages develop from initially homogeneous epiblast is a fundamental problem of developmental biology, which we are investigating.
The approach we are taking is to investigate the regulation of cell lineage specification by SOX2 and other transcription factors, and the effects of intercellular signaling on the action of transcription factors. To this end, we analyze conditional knockout mouse embryos, where particular transcription factor genes are inactivated in developmental stage/cell lineage-specific manner. We also utilize epiblast stem cell lines and chicken embryos to manipulate epiblast cells with exogenous factors.
Among the somatic cell lineages, we are interested in those leading to neural, sensory, cardiac, somitic and digestive tract development.

Notable Publications and Works in the Last Three Years

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