Global Japan Program (GJP)

GJP is a carefully packaged selection of English taught academic classes tailored for exchange students who intend to learn in depth about facets of Japanese society. Classes offer historic and modern perspectives in their various fields and allow English-speaking exchange students to study alongside their Japanese peers, further increasing exchange and global awareness of all students.

GJP Classes

  • GJP Introductory Seminar
  • Religion in Japan
  • Historical Origins of Modern Japan
  • Japanese Culture in Historical Perspective
  • World Heritage sites in Japan
  • Introduction to Japanese Literature
  • Modern Japanese Literature
  • Japanese Management and Business
  • Introduction to Japanese Politics
  • Modern Japanese Government
  • Issues in Japanese Society
  • Japanese Science & Technology
  • Japan's Foreign Policy
  • Lectures on Economics in English A & B
  • Principles of Economics
  • Readings in English on Law (Japanese Law and Judicial System)
  • A Bilingual Introduction to Japanese Law

  • Spring classes in English
  • Fall classes in English

Enrollment Requirements

Exchange students are required to enroll in a minimum of 8 classes per semester. Students with upper-beginner to intermediate Japanese language proficiency will be enrolled in 4 general Japanese language classes as part of the 8 class minimum. Students with advanced Japanese will be enrolled in Japanese language classes based on advice from Japanese language instructors, and may also be considered for enrolment in academic courses taught in Japanese instead of GJP classes.

Japanese Language Classes

Exchange students submit a J-CAT test result with their application complete a placement test upon arrival at KSU. They are then enrolled in Japanese language classes based on those combined test results and an interview. For upper-beginner to intermediate students, there are four 90 minute classes each week which cover the four skills of reading, writing, listening and reading. For more advanced students, classes are based on topical issues such as business communication skills and academic writing, etc. Please note all students intending to take Japanese language classes at KSU must have attained the minimal required level by the time of application.
See Applications and Important Dates for details.