President's Message

People gather to a campus overflowing with stimuli.

President, Ichiro Fujioka


The word sangyo found in the name of Kyoto Sangyo University is usually translated as “Industrial,” but the characters also carry the meaning of MUSUBIWAZA. It originates with the ancient word, musuhi, and means the act of bringing forth a new thing or value. The new thing or value itself is identified by the word waza( “technique” or“ deed”).Producing new values and things no matter what the times may be is a challenge and requires a toughness of spirit.  Since its founding in 1965, KSU has consistently lived up to its name in taking on the challenge of creating new values and things. Among its efforts the university has strived to train graduates who can provide society at large with new values, while working to improve its capacities to do the research so that the university itself can provide such new values and things as well. It goes without saying that the progress made in improving ties and partnerships with a variety of people and groups in society at large has been at the foundation of those efforts.

 In today’s world, where informatization and the globalization of the economy are producing rapid change and hastening the diversification of values, enhancing the intellectual activity to cope with these times is something this university regards as indispensable. It is the reason why the 21st century is referred to as the age of the knowledge-based society. KSU is firm in its conviction that precisely because of these times it has a mission to make tangible its founding principles.
 The research capacities of KSU are being rapidly improved thanks to the efforts of each and every faculty member plunging into new fields and fresh and powerful support from university staff. We look forward to publicizing the results of those efforts and some of the various activities of our laboratories and research centers in the coming future. This powerful capacity for research provides the foundation for the educational power required to perform our mission of being an intellectual hub.

President's Message

KSU’s educational power is supported by its capacity for research. Whether in the regular curriculum or outside of it, this power shapes the training given to our students mainly through the education provided by faculty members, but also through that provided through collaboration between faculty members and staff, as well as through ties and collaborations with people outside the university. We have worked in particular to enhance our career support program courses (part of co-op education), and to form a curriculum compatible with this global age. Our efforts have been directed toward putting together a human and physical environment for our students to cultivate the mettle to discover their own desires, tackle the challenges they find within, and lead their own lives in the world at large. We believe that KSU can contribute to society precisely through having students with such capabilities.

 For KSU to perform its mission, we are aware that the university itself must be an intellectual hub that provides a knowledge-based society with new values and things, and that produces tough graduates who can make their own way in global society and maintain a presence that contributes to the world around them.
 With our 50th anniversary just ahead in 2015, we would like you to take the opportunity through this pamphlet to catch a glimpse of the doings of our current students and graduates, and of what life is like on the KSU campus, with all of its departments gathered together in a richly stimulating environment framed by the natural surroundings of Kyoto’s Kamigamo district.