Faculty and Graduate School Policies

Each faculty and graduate school has established the three policies below, which are set in accordance with Kyoto Sangyo University’s “Founding Principles”, “Educational Philosophy”, and “Policies”. These policies serve as guidelines for the implementation of systems that aim to achieve the educational objectives set by the respective faculties and graduate schools.

Policies of Each Faculty or Graduate Division


Faculty Department Educational and Research Objectives Diploma Policy Curriculum Policy Admission Policy
Faculty of Economics Department of Economics
Faculty of Business Department of Business Administration
Department of Social Management
Department of Accounting and Finance
Faculty of Law Department of Law
Department of Interdisciplinary Studies in Law and Policy
Faculty of
Department of Sociology
Department of Sports and Health Sciences
Faculty of Foreign Studies Department of English
Department of European Languages
Department of Asian Languages
Department of International Relations
Faculty of Cultural Studies Department of Kyoto Studies
Department of Intercultural Studies
Faculty of Science Department of Mathematics
Department of Physics
Department of Astrophysics and
Atmospheric Sciences
Faculty of Information Science and Engineering Department of Information
Science and Engineering
Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering Department of Computer Science
Department of Network Media
Department of Intelligent Systems
Faculty of
Life Sciences
Department of Molecular Biosciences
Department of Bioresource and
Environmental Sciences
Department of Animal Medical Sciences

Graduate School

Division   Educational and Research Objectives of Graduate School Diploma Policy Curriculum Policy Admission Policy
Division of Economics  
Division of Management  
Division of Law Law Major
Interdisciplinary Studies in Law and Policy Major
Division of Foreign Languages English Major
Chinese Major

Linguistics Major

Division of Science

Mathematics Major

Physics Major

Division of Frontier Informatics  
Division of Life Sciences  
Division of Economics (Correspondence Education)  
Division of Kyoto Studies (Correspondence Education Course)