Maskawa Toshihide Research and Education Center

Cultivating self-realized researchers and fully supporting their creativity.

The Mission of the KSU Maskawa Institute for Science and Culture (MISC) is to foster researchers with their own characteristics by encouraging their creativity. MISC is committed to supporting research activities in the fields of Natural Science, Humanities, and Social Science.

Birth of MISC

In 2008, Dr. Toshihide Maskawa, who had been Professor at the Faculty of Science in KSU, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics.
KSU founded MISC in 2009 to commemorate this historic event. It is the purpose of MISC to serve as a center for academic study and mutual exchange of researchers. We hope that researchers encouraged by the brilliant research activity of Dr. Maskawa will generate a rich and vivid academic culture at MISC.

Today at MISC

In the field of Natural Science, the main field of research relates to elementary particles. In the fields of Humanities and Social Science, on the other hand, research mainly relates to the history and culture of Kyoto. MISC has held public symposiums (semiannually) as contributions to society and has also held many seminars with visiting researchers and the MISC members who devote themselves to study in their respective fields.

Notable publications and works of researchers in MISC

  1. Charged Lepton Mass Spectrum and a Scalar Potential Model, Yoshio Koide, Phys. Rev. D 81 (2010) 097901 (arXiv:1004.0580[hep-ph])
  2. Reevaluation of Higgs-Mediated mu-e Transition in the MSSM,Junji Hisano, Shohei Sugiyama, Masato Yamanaka and Masaki Jung Soo Yang, Phys. Lett. B 694 (2011) 380 (arXiv:1005.3648[hep-ph])
  3. Tunneling Mechanism in Kerr-Newman Black Hole and Dimensional Reduction near the Horizon, Koichiro Umetsu, Phys.Lett. B 692 (2010) 61 (arXiv:1007.1823 [hep-th])