Professor Futoshi Yamauchi

Area and Subject Taught Economic History of Japan
Research Theme(s) Economic History of Early-Modern and Modern Rural Society in Japan
Academic Degrees Doctor of Economics
Keywords for Research Field Japanese History, Economic History, Regional History, Social History
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1768

Research Overview

My main field is rural society in Japan: How did the market economy penetrate rural society? How did rural society react to it? What aspects of the rural social structure were beneficial from the standpoint of the development of a market economy? What aspects were not beneficial? What effects did the market economy have on the social structure?
I conduct empirical research on questions such as these related to the development of the market economy and its effects on the social structure. I discover, catalog, and read old documents from places such as rural libraries, museums, and old houses. I try to recreate the specific behavior and consciousness of persons of those times and the society they built, and I consider larger trends within the market economy as a whole. Because my research addresses social structure, it is not limited to economics; I incorporate findings from a variety of academic fields, including sociology, ethnology, anthropology and others. In the future, I hope to expand my studies on the theme of rural society and the move to a market economy to include the comparison with other Asian countries as well as Europe and North America. In this way I hope to provide assistance to scholars interested in the special characteristics of market economies, their origins in different regions, and the reasons for them.

Notable Publications and Works


「近世期における田地所有者と耕作者の変遷史」『東北学院大学 経済学論集』第177号2011年12月