Professor Kota Sugahara

Area and Subject Taught Local Public Finance
Research Theme(s) Regional Competition under Decentralization, Interregional Disparity in Fiscal Power
Academic Degrees Master of Economics, Kobe University of Commerce
Keywords for Research Field Decentralization, Fiscal Competition, Interregional Disparity
Office Phone Number Not Public

Research Overview

My research concerns the decentralization to the sub-central governments, a process that is being attempted in Japan as in many other countries. My main theme is examination of the sort of decentralization and grants to the sub-central governments required in Japan from a variety of viewpoints, taking into account problems such as excessive competition between regions under decentralization, disparity in fiscal power among regions, and issues arising from the political and economic relations between the central and sub-central governments.

Notable Publications and Works

  1. A note on production taxation and public-input provision, The Annals of Regional Science, 59, pp.419-426, 2017. (jointed by Mutsumi Matsumoto)
  2. Emprical analysis of interregional coordination -The self-support settlement from the perspective of repeated game, The Japanese Congress of Local Public Finance Journal, 21, pp. 79-105, 2014. (in Japanese)
  3. Municipal promoting behavior for fiscal soundness at the start of the Act and Assurance of Sound Financial Status of Local Governments, Government Auditing Review, 47, pp. 39-54, 2013 (in Japanese).