Associate Professor Shizuka Sekita

Area and Subject Taught Japanese Economy
Research Theme(s) Empirical Analysis of Household Behavior
Academic Degrees Doctor of philosophy in Applied Economics, Osaka University
Keywords for Research Field Savings, Borrowing, Asset Allocation, Financial Literacy
Office Phone Number Not Public

Research Overview

My research is to empirically analyze the determinants mainly of savings, borrowing, and asset allocation.
I will make policy proposals to make people happier by analyzing various factors of household behavior using micro data.

Notable Publications and Works

  • Sekita, Shizuka (2015) Country Presentation: First Multipartite Regional Meeting on the Financial Security of Older Women in East and Southeast Asia, Singapore
  • 小川一夫、関田静香(2015)「年金制度改正と老後不安:家計のミクロデータによる分析」『季刊社会保障研究』第51巻、第1号、pp. 86-98.
  • Sekita, Shizuka (2013) “Financial Literacy and Wealth Accumulation: Evidence from Japan,” 京都産業大学経済学部ディスカッションペーパー No. 2013-1.
  • Sekita, Shizuka (2011) “Financial Literacy and Retirement Planning in Japan” Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, vol. 10, pp. 637-656.
  • Horioka, Charles Yuji and Sekita, Shizuka (2011) “The Degree of Judicial Enforcement and Credit Markets: Evidence from Japanese Household Panel Data,” International Review of Finance, vol. 11, pp. 245-268.
  • Sekita, Shizuka (2010) “The Small Saving Tax Exemption and Japanese Household Asset Allocation Behavior: Impact of the 1988 and 2006 Revisions,” Japanese Economy, vol. 37, pp. 79-110.
  • 関田静香(2009)「利子所得・配当所得・株式等の譲渡所得の実効税率の計測」『経済研究』第182号、pp. 107-128.
  • 関田静香(2007)「マル優制度と家計の資産選択」『金融経済研究』第24号、pp. 26-48.
  • Horioka, Charles Yuji and Sekita, Shizuka (2007) “Tax Reform in Japan: The Case of Personal Taxes,” Japan and the World Economy, vol. 19, pp. 380-392.
  • チャールズ・ユウジ・ホリオカ、関田静香(2004)「景気対策・年金改革と消費税」(財)統計研究会機関誌『ECO-FORUM』23巻1号、pp. 26-36.