Professor Tatsuhiko Onishi

Area and Subject Taught Theory of Small-and-medium-sized Enterprises
Research Theme(s) Study various problems in local industries from the viewpoint of the theory of small business
Academic Degrees Master of Business Administration, Graduate School of Kwansei Gakuin University
Keywords for Research Field Small-and-medium-sized Enterprise, Industry Cluster
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-3196

Research Overview

Amid a drastic change in economy and industry, the vertically integrated industrial system which was developed during the postwar economic growth is now forced to dissolve and change, and at the same time a new enterprise network is being built up. The movement actually promotes formation of the industry cluster, from which innovations are created to keep up with the global market and survive international enterprise competition. My research is conducted mainly by presenting a number of facts coming up from the environmental change of the local economy, such as unique and innovative technologies and operating models, as well as unique entrepreneurial spirit, which is making small-and-medium-sized and entrepreneurial enterprises develop successfully. I have focused on the Kyoto area as the object of my research of industries and enterprises. One of my recent works is the research of the relationship between the formation process of local platform and inter-business network, based on the example of “Kyoto Shisaku Net,” a network of small-and-medium-sized factories providing prototype pieces. I am also studying the structure of industrial growth in Kyoto and the software infrastructure of the 1000-year-old city.

Notable Publications and Work

  1. 「京都産業を育む知恵インフラ」 関西学院大学産業研究所産研論集 第38号 2011年
  2. 「産業クラスターの成長プロセスと中小企業ネットワーク」 京都学園大学経済学部学会論集 第20巻第1号 2010年
  3. 「匠の技と京都ベンチャー」(社)京都国際工芸センター 2010年
  4. 「やさしい京都学」 (株)のぞみ 2007年
  5. 「京都流という方法‐受け継がれるベンチャー精神‐」 (株)のぞみ 2005年