Professor Nobuhisa Namimatsu

Area and Subject Taught Agricultural Policy
Research Theme(s) History of Agricultural Science in Britain and Japan
Academic Degrees Master of Agriculture, Kyoto University
Keywords for Research Field Agricultural Policy, History of Agriculture, History of Agricultural Thought
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1921

Research Overview

My research concerns the evolution and development of agriculture in the modern period. My starting point is the development of Japanese agriculture; the development of agriculture in Britain, which influenced the evolution of Japanese agriculture, is also one of the subjects of my analysis. I am particularly interested in the period from the 18th century onward, but my focus is on the personalities and systems (the development of agricultural schools and agricultural testing stations) involved in agricultural research, as approached through historical materials and documents (books on agriculture). One interesting characteristic of persons engaged in agricultural research is that some of them were not "scientists" per se. In addition, agricultural schools and agricultural testing stations had distinctive characteristics not found in the general run of institutions of higher education and research. I consider the question of how these aspects of the British system affected Japan.
In addition to the relationship between Britain and Japan, my research covers connections with the regional identity of Kyoto and Japan's traditional ways of thinking. When we look at the development of modern agriculture, we see many fascinating points of connection between the Kyoto region and Japan's agricultural history-the first western-style stock farm in Japan was located in Kyoto, for example. Furthermore, Ninomiya Sontoku can be advanced as an exemplar of traditional thinking in Japanese agriculture, and I am doing research on his role in the evolution of the science of agriculture in Japan. Naturally, the connection between Kyoto and Ninomiya Sontoku is also one of my research themes.

Notable Publications and Works

  1. 「地域活成と相互扶助-近代における伏見の再生」
  2. 「グローバル化のなかの農業思想」(京都産業大学日本文化研究所・研究例会、2015年1月28日)