Associate Professor Hiroshi Kitamura

Area and Subject Taught Applied Microeconomics
Research Theme(s) Market Diffusion and Exclusive dealing
Academic Degrees Ph.D. in Economics, Osaka University
Keywords for Research Field Market Diffusion, Exclusive Dealing
Office Phone Number Not Public

Research Overview

Exclusive dealing has long been a controversial issue. Once an exclusive contract is signed, it directly deters efficient entrants and reduces welfare. Therefore, exclusive contracts seem to have anticompetitive effects. However, the Chicago School argues that rational economic agents do not engage in exclusive dealings under standard setting. The Chicago School argument remains highly influential.
By using game theoretic model, I explore the market environment where rational economic agents may engage in exclusive dealing. Kitamura (2010) points out that anticompetitive exclusive dealing is more likely to be observed in less alternative factor inputs and technology progress. Kitamura (2011) points out that the existence of financial constraints enhances anticompetitive exclusive dealing.

Notable Publications and Works

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