Professor Tomoyuki Kamo

Area and Subject Taught Industrial Organization
Research Theme(s) General Equilibrium Theory, Mathematical Economics
Academic Degrees Master of Economics, Doshisha University
Keywords for Research Field Mathematical Economics, General Equilibrium Theory, Game Theory
Office Phone Number Not Public

Research Overview

  1. Algebraic methods in social choice theory
    I am doing research on problems such as aggregation of preferences and voting system theory that involves introducing an algebraic structure to social choice theory, the theoretical foundation of welfare economics, and using methods from commutative algebra and algebraic geometry.
  2. Game theoretic analysis of risk-sharing and information
    I study the problem of how various risks confronting economic society should be allocated based on the complex information available (risk-sharing) using methods from game theory on dynamic and cooperative games. My research involves the application of this analysis to the building of game models for financial markets and asset prices.
  3. Research on game theory and its applications

Notable Publications and Works

  1. "Vetoer and tie-making group theorems for indifference-transitive aggregation rules", Social Choice and Welfare, vol.40, No.1 (2013)
  2. 『非循環的社会厚生関数の諸性質』 国民経済雑誌 第201巻4号(2010)
  3. “Arithmetic Social Choice: Arrow's Theorem and Single Peaked Preference”, 神戸大学 Discussion Paper 0621.(2006)
  4. 森嶋通夫著作集5『需要理論 実物と金融』岩波書店(入谷 純,加茂知幸,宮川敏治,吉田建夫訳)(2004)
  5. 世代重複モデルとケインズ経済学―均衡財政乗数に関するノート
    同志社大学経済学論叢 第52巻第4号 (2001)
  6. 一般均衡分析におけるゲーム理論的方法
    同志社大学経済学論叢 第52巻第2号 (2000)
  7. The Effects of Capital Taxation in Incomplete Markets
    同志社大学経済学論叢 第50巻第4号 (1999)