Assistant Professor Kazuki Kamimura

Area and Subject Taught Economics of Social Policy
Research Theme(s) Empirical analysis on effect of health promotion policy
Academic Degrees Ph.D. (in Economics), Keio University
Keywords for Research Field Economics/Social Policy/Health Economics/Labor Economics/Health Promotion
Office Phone Number Not Public

Research Overview

In Japan, the spread of lifestyle-related illness and diseases, and the increasing number of people in need of nursing care due to the problem of the aging population have become important issues. On the other hand, in order to improve such situations, various approaches to enhancing health are being taken.
For example, "Free-of-charge Cancer Screening coupons" are being distributed, which allows one to undergo a cancer screening for free. Also, the "Health Points (Health Care Points, Health Miles)" system has been introduced, for which points are given according to efforts made on promoting one’s health. Such efforts include daily exercises and/or health check consultation, as well as health promotion achievements, such as a decrease in body fat percentage. All of these political measures have been launched within the past 10 years, responding to the current situations mentioned earlier.
These political measures are aggressive approaches to promote health enhancement for the entire public, and improve health and extend life expectancy. Under the present circumstances, however, a demonstration analysis has not been sufficiently performed taking the importance of these things into consideration. I have therefore been working on a demonstration analysis related to these health enhancement measures for several years. In the analysis, I also focus on the level of involvement in the political measures and the difference in effects of those measures depending on the socio-economic class an individual belongs to.

Notable Publications and Works

  1. 上村一樹・駒村康平, 「労働者の健康増進が労働生産性に与える影響—パネルデータによる分析—」, 『生活経済学研究』, 45巻, pp.27-40, 2017
  2. 上村一樹「たばこへの依存度と喫煙量の価格弾力性の関係についての分析」, 『生活経済学研究』, 39巻, pp.55-67, 2014
  3. 上村一樹「若年者における健康状態が労働時間に与える影響」, 『生活経済学研究』, 36巻, pp.79-90, 2012