Associate Professor Chie Hanaoka

Area and Subject Taught Health Economics
Research Theme(s) Health Economics
Academic Degrees Ph.D. (in Economics), Hosei University
Keywords for Research Field Medical care, Long-term care, and Child health
Office Phone Number Not Public

Research Overview

My main research interests are in the determinants of health. Currently, I am studying the determinants of body shape and studying the relationship between the supply of medical care and child mortality.

Notable Publications and Works

  • Chie Hanaoka (2011) “Care staff turnover in long-term care services for older people: how does the effect of relative wages on turnover vary by tenure?” Japanese Journal of Health Economic and Policy 23(1), pp.39-57 (in Japanese).
  • Chie Hanaoka (2009) “Relative wages and direct care worker turnover in public long-term care insurance system in Japan,” Quarterly of Social Security Research 45(3), pp. 269-286 (in Japanese).
  • Chie Hanaoka and Edward C. Norton (2008) “Informal and formal care for elderly persons: how adult children's characteristics affect the use of formal care in Japan,” Social Science & Medicine 67(8), pp. 1002-1008.
  • Chie Hanaoka and Wataru Suzuki (2007) “Does an increase in the ability of formal long-term care affect hospital discharge of elderly patients in Japan?,” Japanese Journal of Health Economic and Policy 19(2), pp.111-127 (in Japanese).
  • Hiroshi Gunji and Chie Hanaoka (2004) “Standard error and confidence interval for QALY weights,” Economics Bulletin, 9(1), pp. 1-12.