Faculty Members

Faculty supervisors are marked with an asterisk (*).

(Alphabetical order / Incumbent, 2018)


PositionNameArea and SubjectResearch Theme(s)
*Professor Yuko Arayama Economic Theory Economic Theory and Applications
*Professor Atsuko Fujino Labor Economics Empirical Research for socioeconomic factors of population problems
*Professor Atsuo Fukuda Corporate Finance Empirical Research on Japan's Capital Markets and Corporate Finance
*Professor Tadashi Fukui Economics of Social Security Public Policy for Heterogeneous Individuals who Confront Lifecycle Uncertainty
*Professor Fujio Goto Theory of Economic Systems Comparisons of Various Economic Systems Including North Korea
*Professor Yoshio Iida Public Economics Experimental and theoretical study of the valuntary contribution to a public good
*Professor Tomoyuki Kamo Industrial Organization General Equilibrium Theory, Mathematical Economics
Assistant Professor Kazuki Kamimura Economics of Social Policy Empirical analysis on effect of health promotion policy
Associate Professor Hiroshi Kitamura Applied Microeconomics Market Diffusion and Exclusive dealing
*Professor Nobuhisa Namimatsu Agricultural Policy History of Agricultural Science in Britain and Japan
*Professor Yoshiko Nishimura Financial Theory Financial behaviour of households
Associate Professor Akihiko Noda Econometrics Financial Econometrics, Applied Time Series Analysis, and International Finance
*Professor Mitsuji Okamoto Japanese Economy Economic Development of Japan (Analysis of Medium- and Long-Term Issues)
*Professor Yoshifumi Okawa International Economics International Economics and International Technology transfer
*Professor Tatsuhiko Onishi Theory of Small-and-medium sized Enterprises Study various problems in local industries from the viewpoint of the theory of small business
*Professor Hitoshi Osaka Development Economics Economic Growth in Asia
*Associate Professor Koji Sakai Monetary and Financial Economics Corporate Finance, Banking, and Financial Markets
Associate Professor Shizuka Sekita Japanese Economy Empirical Analysis of Household Behavior
*Professor Kota Sugahara Local Public Finance Regional Competition under Decentralization,Interregional Disparity in Fiscal Power
*Professor Shiro Takeda Environmental Economics Climate Change Policy (Emissions Trading System), Computable General Equilibrium Analysis
*Professor Yasushi Tanaka Labor Economics Human capital theory, OJT, University enrolment rate and its determining factors, Economical Inequality
Professor Akira Terai Macroeconomics Macroeconomics and the Japanese Economy, Inflation, Expectations
*Professor Tomoyoshi Terasaki Urban economics Analysis of urban structure, Evaluation of urban agglomeration
*Professor Futoshi Yamauchi Economic History of Japan Economic History of Early-Modern and Modern Rural Society in Japan
*Professor Hiroyuki Yashio Public Finance Empirical Analysis of the Effects of Taxes on Japanese Economy
*Professor Cen Zhiwei Chinese Economic Theory The theoretically and empirically analysis of the economic growth of China