Professor Yasuhiko Watanabe

Area and Subject Taught Civil Law
Research Theme(s) Same-sex marriage, parents and the family
Academic Degrees Doctor of Law
Keywords for Research Field Civil Law, Family Law, Succession Law
Office Phone Number Not Public

Research Overview

My research concerns the legal positioning of marriage in Europe, in reference to registration partnership systems for same-sex couples and the enactment of same-sex marriage laws. Registered partnership systems, introduced as being distinct from conventional marriage, vary from country to country. The system can be utilized by a male and female couple in some countries, it is distinguished from ordinary marriage in some cases and given the same legal status as marriage in others, and in some places same-sex marriage is legally permitted. On the other hand, adoption of these new systems is affecting conventional systems. These registered partnership systems suggest new perspectives on the legal positioning of marriage, and they are often contrasted with common-law or de facto marriage.
Further, same-sex partnership has been discussed in Europe in terms of its positioning in constitutions as well as in civil law. I intend to consider its positioning in constitutions from the viewpoint of civil law and substantive law.

Notable Cases and Publications

  • 『性風俗と法秩序』尚学社(共著)
  • 「子と母の女性パートナーとの母子関係の成立 —オランダにおける子とデュオマザーの親子関係—」産大法学50巻3号
  • 『同性パートナーシップ制度』日本加除出版(共著)
  • 「同性カップルによる婚姻から家族形成へ」法律時報88巻5号
  • 『親権法の比較研究』日本評論社(共著)
  • 『新・判例ガイドブック 親族・相続』日本評論社(共著)
  • 「同性の両親と子—ドイツ,オーストリア,スイスの状況—(その1)〜(その2)」産大法学47巻3・4号,48巻1・2号,49巻1・2号,4号
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