Professor Hidehiro Takashima

Area and Subject Taught Civil Code, Legal Information Science, Medical Law, Bioethics and Law
Research Theme(s) Liability structure in Contact Law, Effects of Advance Medical Care on Law, Consumer Law
Academic Degrees Master of Laws, Doshisha University
Keywords for Research Field Civil Code, Contracts, Torts, Medical Law, Bioethics, Consumer Law
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1821

Research Overview

I specialize in what would be called civil law by the university, particularly in contract law and tort law, which constitute the core of the claims-related part of the civil law. I also focus on "medical law," which addresses legal problems such as doctors' obligations and legal regulations on advanced medical care. My main theme in the area of civil law is the theory of consequential obligations in contract-related issues.

Notable Publications and Works

  1. 新・キーワード民法〔共著〕(2007年、法律文化社)
  2. 『医事法判例百選』〔共著〕(2006年、有悲閣)
  3. 「動機の錯誤に関する判例法理(上)、(中)、(下)」(2006年、法学教室)
  4. 「日本における生殖補助医療の現状と法的対応」『遺伝子工学時代における生命倫理と法』所収(日本評論社、2003年)
  5. 「レクチャー消費者法(第2版)」〔共著〕(2001年、法律文化社)
  6. 「民事上の詐欺の違法性に関する一考察」『石田古稀記念論文集』所収(成文堂、2000年)
  7. 「“Berufshaftung in Japan”(日本における専門家責任)」フライブルク大学法学部紀要“Recht in Japan”11号(1998年)
  8. 「非配偶者間の体外受精における配偶子提供契約の問題点」法律のひろば51 巻9 号(1998年)