Professor Masanori Shiyake

Area and Subject Taught Constitutional Law
Research Theme(s) Basic Rights Compared with the German Constitution, Modern German Constitutional History
Academic Degrees Master of Laws, Kyoto University
Keywords for Research Field Constitution, Comparative Research on Constitution, Basic Rights, Religious Freedom
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Research Overview

 Diverse problems in the “general theory of state and law” (Staatsrechtslehre) and constitutional law of Germany and other countries have been the main theme of my research. When we look at the Japanese constitution, it is extremely atypical that it has never been amended for more than 70 years from its enforcement on the 3rd of May, 1947. In Germany, the constitution has already been amended 60 times since its enforcement in May of 1949. The systems of German parliament and courts are also greatly different from those of Japan, and so one may doubt the importance to compare such different constitutions. The current Japanese constitution, as is well known, includes many articles adopted from the examples of the Constitution of the United States of America as well as of some state constitutions under strong post-war pressure of the General Headquarters of the Allied Forces. Nevertheless its framework is basically similar to that of the pre-war Meiji constitution (1889), which was created mainly by consulting the German constitution of 19th century. Comparison with Germany has also been one of major themes in the constitutional academy when constitutional interpretation and judicial theory is discussed. I am therefore interested in the theory of basic rights (Grundrechte) in the current German constitution and that of the Constitutional Court.

Notable Publications and Works

  1. 初宿正典・高橋正俊・米沢広一・棟居快行著『いちばんやさしい憲法入門〔第5版〕』(有斐閣、2017年) 初学者向きの教科書として定評のあるベストセラー
  2. 初宿正典「フォルストホフの《エーブラハ・セミナー》について」(京都産業大学法学会五十周年記念論集『産大法学』第50巻1・2号、2017年1月刊、135頁以下所収)
  3. 初宿正典「具体的規範統制手続の《抽象性》——移送手続に関する若干の覚書き——」(日本大学法学会『日本法学』第82巻3号「百地 章教授古稀記念号「憲法と国家の諸相」(2016年12月刊)343頁以下所収)
  4. 初宿正典『カール・シュミットと五人のユダヤ人法学者』(成文堂、2016年)
  5. Masanori Shiyake, „Ein kleiner Beitrag zum Begriff des Staates und der Volkssouveränität in der japanischen Verfassung“, in: Kazuhiro Takii / Michael Wachutka (Hrsg. ), Staatsverständnis in Japan. Ideen und Wirklichkeiten des japanischen Staates in der Moderne, Nomos, Baden-Baden 2016, S. 175-184.
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  10. Masanori Shiyake,"Verfassung und Religion in Japan" (Nomos, 2011) 2010〜11年のヴュルツブルク大学滞在中の2つの講演をまとめたもの
  11. 初宿正典『憲法2 基本権〔第3版〕』(成文堂、2010年) 日本国憲法の基本権に関する体系的教科書