Professor Akio Shinomiya

Area and Subject Taught Bankruptcy Law, Code of Civil Procedure, Legal Ethics
Legal Issues I am Interested in Bankruptcy, Competition for Control, Business Restructuring,Labor, Medical Malpractice
Academic Background Faculty of Law, Kyoto University
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1964

Overview of Areas of Specialization

Bankruptcy has been the main theme in my legal profession, and I have been interested in both the practice and the legal theory of bankruptcy, regardless of whether it concerns legal bankruptcy proceedings or consensual restructuring proceedings. I served as an organizer in the bankruptcy law division of the Legislative Council of the Ministry of Justice, and on the Advisory Committee on Supreme Court Rules.
In other areas, prompted by successful counterattacks against corporate acquisitions by greenmailers and others, I have actively participated in disputes including competitions for control and business restructuring. In recent years, I have become widely involved with corporate acquisition businesses who utilize procedures for handling bankruptcies.
Because bankruptcy and restructuring share common ground with labor disputes, I have built up experience in both collective labor disputes and individual-labor-related disputes. I was a member of a mediation committee at the Osaka Labor Bureau that focuses on the Act on Promoting the Resolution of Individual Labor-Related Disputes.
In addition to the above, after considering my experience working as a judge, I accepted the job of proctor on the government's side in state liability suits, and gradually became involved in medical malpractice suits against national hospitals. At present, I engage in consulting, guidance, out-of-court settlement negotiations, litigation, and other activities as a bond lawyer at the Kinki block of the National Hospital Organization. I am also a member of the medical accident investigation committee of the block, and a member of the ethics committee and the clinical trial committee of the National Hospital Organization's Osaka-Minami Medical Center.

Notable Cases and Publications

  1. 主な会社更生事件:フェニックス電機(株)、末野興産(株)、(株)アサヒコーポレーション、中山鋼業(株)、(株)シャロン、マイカル(株)、マイカル九州(株)、世界長(株)その他
  2. 主な民事再生事件:大興リース(株)、㈱酒井鉄工所、協同組合松江ショッピングプラザ、(株)万松楼その他
  3. その他主な倒産事件:和歌山県土地開発公社特定調停申立代理人、不動信用金庫清算人
  4. 支配争奪事件:(株)タクマとコスモポリタン(株)との増資差止仮処分事件、増資無効訴訟
  5. 編著書:1問1答シリーズ・新版民事再生の実務、個人債務者再生の実務、会社更生の実務、新版破産法大改正の実務(経済法令研究会)、書式シリーズ・商事非訟の実務、新会社更生の理論・実務と書式、新破産法の理論・実務と書式(民事法研究会)、企業再生のための法的整理の実務(金融財政事情研究会)、詳細民事再生法(民事法研究会)、最新事業再編の理論・実務と論点(民事法研究会)、倒産・事業再編の法律相談(青林書院)、あるべき私的整理手続の実務(民事法研究会)、弁護士日記秋桜、弁護士日記すみれ(民事法研究会)
  6. 論文:「私的整理の研究5(テーマ:私的整理と強制執行免脱罪等)」産大法学50巻3・4号235頁以下、「私的整理の研究4(テーマ:私的整理と詐害行為及び否認)」産大法学49巻4号98頁以下、「私的整理の研究3(テーマ:私的整理と破産犯罪)」産大法学49巻3号50頁以下、「私的整理の研究2(テーマ:清算人の破産手続開始申立義務)」産大法学49巻1・2合併号128頁以下、「私的整理の研究1ないし6(テーマ:私的整理の定義と実務の過去と現在ならびに各種法律問題)」産大法学第48巻1・2号259頁、49巻1・2号128頁、49巻3号50頁、49巻4号98頁、50巻3・4号235頁、51巻1号131頁、「私的整理における商取引債権の保護」今中傘寿記念論文集「会社法・倒産法の現代的展開」690頁