Professor Makoto Sato

Area and Subject Taught Commercial Code, Corporation Law
Research Theme(s) Governance at Corporate Groups
Academic Degrees Doctor of Laws, Kyushu University
Keywords for Research Field Commercial Code, Companies Act, Governance, Compliance,Corporate Groups
Office Phone Number Not Public

Research Overview

Stock corporations play an extremely important role in economic society. Among them, independent corporations are legally regulated as the ideal type by most of the provisions of the Corporation Law. However, most stock corporations that are relatively large in size are combined with one another through holding of stocks, forming larger corporate groups. As a result, different legal regulations are needed that apply separate corporate governance for independent corporations and for corporate groups. Conventional theory of Companies Act, however, does not properly address the meaning of corporate control, so that unified legal regulations on corporate groups have been inadequate.
My research theme is the systematic design of corporate governance for corporate groups by establishing a theory that includes adequate legal measures for governance that centers capital majority decisions in stock corporations. I seek to balance both improvements in efficiency of management and legal appropriateness of corporate governance in corporate groups by trying to gain a firm legal understanding of the combined statuses of corporations.

Notable Publications and Works


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  4. 「結合企業のガバナンス-経営の効率と支配の公正の両立の観点から-(一)」産大法学第34巻第1・2号pp.111〜171
  5. 「支配株式譲渡と株式売却機会の均等ルール-その会社法への内在化の試み-」法政研究第61巻第1号pp.107〜149


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