Professor Hiroshi Nonoyama

Area and Subject Taught Code of Civil Procedure, Civil Code, Consumer Law
Legal Issues I am Interested in Issues in Civil Procedure Practice, New Settlement Methods and Systems in Civil Disputes (Especially Class Action Systems), Consumer-Related Issues and Consumer Law
Academic Background Faculty of Law, Kyoto University
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1967
e-mail Not Public

Overview of Areas of Specialization

  1. I was registered as a lawyer in April 1982, and have been engaging in dispute settlements and civil and criminal cases ever since. Due to my experience as a lawyer, I am interested in comprehensive operation of civil substantive law and civil proceedings law in dispute settlement practice, and in actual conditions of criminal law and criminal proceedings law in criminal procedure practice.
  2. From the time I first registered as a lawyer, I have been involved in large-scale, consumer-related damages cases, such as the Toyota Shoji case and reikan shoho cases (damages caused by emotionally manipulative sales techniques). I have taken part in lawsuits related to consumer cases, revisions of consumer laws, and enactments of new laws from the consumer side. Using these experiences, I am making it my lifework to research consumer-related issues and legal systems, as well as advise on improvement of legal systems, laws and regulations. In recent years, I have been engaged in the study of, and advising on the operation and revision of, the Consumer Contract Act, as well as the operation and expansion of applications of consumer class action systems.
  3. I have also been devoted to my research based on my experience as a director of the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan for over three years from 2010.

Notable Cases and Publications


  1. 更新料条項無効事件
  2. 日興証券損失補填株主代表訴訟差戻事件
    最高裁平成12年10月10日  東京高裁平成11年2月23日


  1. 判例から学ぶ消費者法 平成23年(第2版 平成25年)民事法研究会
  2. 消費者法講義 平成16年(第4版 平成25年)日本評論社
  3. コンメンタール消費者契約法 平成13年(第2版 平成22年)商事法務研究会
  4. Q&A消費者契約法 平成12年 ぎょうせい


  1. 論究ジュリスト2014年春号〔特別座談会〕「消費者裁判手続特例法の理論と課題」
  2. 現代消費者法8号「集団的消費者被害救済制度に向けた実務から提言」
  3. 法学教室 309号〜312号、322号、328号、「実践消費者法」連載