Professor Toshiya Bando

Area and Subject Taught Civil Code (Consumer Law)
Research Theme(s) Contract Law from the Point of Consumer Transaction
Academic Degrees Master of Laws, Ryukoku University
Keywords for Research Field Civil Code, Consumer Law, Consumer Policy
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1883

Research Overview

Two kinds of persons are included in the Civil Code of Japan: a "natural" person and a legal person. These two persons are considered to be entities with equal legal rights. Even though this basic idea exists, I question if are people really equal in a real-life trading society. The provisions setting forth these purposes in the Consumer Contract Act, enacted in April 2001, admit that there are differences in the quality and quantity of information as well as negotiation power between business bodies and individual consumers. At present, the laws and policies concerning consumers in Japan are in the process of rapid change. The report "Ideal Consumer Policy for the 21st Century," issued by the Social Policy Council in May 2003, advocates changing the interpretation of "consumers" from entities receiving protection to entities with legal rights. However, even if they are granted these rights, such rights may not be of practical use without adequate consideration of differences in quality and quantity of information. As central players in the market, it is imperative for us to improve the laws and systems in place for consumers so they can exercise their rights, and so our society can meet the requirements of the 21st century. My job, simply put, involves organizing the issues based on the Civil Code, explaining them using easy-to-understand expressions, and examining them with consumers.

Notable Publications and Works

  1. 坂東俊矢・細川幸一『18歳から考える消費者と法』法律文化社(2010年11月30日)。消費者をめぐる法と経済について学ぶための基本的な教科書。
  2. 島川勝・坂東俊矢編『判例から学ぶ消費者法(第2版)』民事法研究会(2013年3月27日)。判例を素材に消費者問題についての法の適用と解釈を学ぶ教科書。
  3. 共著『基本講義 消費者法』日本評論社(2013年9月20日)。消費者法を事例で取り扱う教科書。
  4. 共著『レクチャー消費者法第5版』法律文化社(2011年7月)。消費者法の基本的教科書。
  5. 「実践消費者法第1講、第2講、第9講、第10講、第11講、第12講、第13講、第15講、第18講、第23講」法学教室(有斐閣)307号・308号・315号・316号・317号・318号・319号・321号・324号・329号(2007〜2008年)。消費者法の現場の視点から解説した連載原稿。