Faculty Members

Faculty supervisors are marked with an asterisk (*).

(Alphabetical order / Incumbent, 2017)

PositionNameArea and SubjectResearch Theme(s)
(or Legal Issues I am inderested in)
Professor Toshiya Bando Civil Code (Consumer Law) Contract Law from the Point of Cousumer Transaction
Professor Hisashi Hiraoka Administrative Law Administrative Rulemaking, Urban Land Law
Professor Kaoru Imai Insurance law Insurance Contract Law
Professor Norifumi Ishii Civil Mock Trials, Code of Civil Procedure, Enforcement and Preservation Laws Changes in Substantive Rights in Individual Enforcement and Bankruptcy Procedure, Responsibility of Executive Officers in Corporate Bankruptcy
Professor Yoshitaka Kamada Bankruptcy Law,
Intellectual Property Law
Issues in Bankruptcy Law and Intellectual Property Law
Professor Shin-ichi Kusaka Civil Procedure Procedure in Appeal Court, ADR, Legal service
Professor Shunji Miyama Intellectual Property Law(Lectures and Practice), Code of Civil Procedure (Practice) Legal Issues in Correlations of Various Laws Related to Information as Key Words. Especially Research and Practical Handling of Unfair Competitive Cases that Have Not Been Developed in Terms of Information
Professor Shigeki Nakayama Constitutional Law Law and bioethics
Professor Hiroshi Nonoyama Code of Civil Procedure, Civil Code, Consumer Law Issues in Civil Procedure Practice, New Settlement Methods and Systems in Civil Disputes (Especially Class Action Systems), Consumer-Related Issues and Consumer Law
Professor Akiko Okamoto Criminal Law Theory of Justifications, Japanese Criminal Law, Anglo-American Criminal Law
Professor Chiori Okutani Foundation of Criminal Procedure Practice, Mock Trials, Practicum in Criminal Law Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure
Professor Makoto Sato Commercial Code,
Corporation Law
Governance at Corporate Groups
Professor Akio Shinomiya Bankruptcy Law,
Code of Civil Procedure,
Legal Ethics
Bankruptcy, Competition for Control, Business Restructuring, Labor, Medical Malpractice
Professor Masanori Shiyake Constitutional Law Basic Rights Compared with the German Constitution, Modern German Constitutional History
Professor Hidehiro Takashima Civil Code,
Legal Information Science,
Medical Law, Bioethics and Law
Liability structure in Contact Law, Effects of Advance Medical Care on Law, Consumer Law
Professor Akitoshi Tanaka Legal Ethics, Foundament Seminar of Japanese civil law, General Civil Affairs Practice, Code of Civil Procedure Practice II, Externships Finance, Disputes over Development and Construction, Company Management Issues, the Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc. to Subcontractors, Administration-related Cases
Professor Yasuhiko Watanabe Civil Law Same-sex marriage, parents and the family
Professor Hiromi Yamada Securities and Exchange Act Companies Law, Regulations on Securities and Futures Trading
Professor Nobuyuki Yamamoto Civil Law Civil Law, Comparative Law
Professor Kiyoshi Yasutomi Criminal Procedure Criminal Procedure, Cyber Crime
Professor Jiro Yukawa Public Law Practice,
Local Autonomy Act
Administrative Litigation, State Compensation Cases