Professor Masayuki Tanigawa

Area and Subject Taught Non-Linear Optics
Research Theme(s) Fundamentals of Spectroscopy, Optical materials, Nanostructures
Academic Degrees Doctor of Science, Kyoto University
Keywords for Research Field Doctor of Science, Kyoto University
Office Phone Number Not Public
e-mail Not Public

Research Overview

I am investigating fluorescence, wavelength conversion and various other optical properties of crystals containing rare-earth ions, clarifying their characteristics as optical crystals, and pursuing possibilities for opening up new wavebands for optical communication, and applications in wideband optical amplifiers and wavelength-tunable light sources.
Another aim is to develop new spectrometry techniques by elucidating fundamental phenomena: light scattering in photonic crystal nanostructures, non-linear light absorption processes in multilevel atomic systems, and coherent transients such as quantum beats, etc.
I am investigating electro-optical characteristics, including transient response, of elements built with organic semiconductors (e.g., electroluminescence elements, sensors and transistors) based on the optical properties of thin-film materials made from organic semiconductors. In this way, I am pursuing practical development of organic EL color displays, and possibilities such as new sensors and systems for photoelectric conversion.

Notable Publications and Works in the Last Three Years

  1. Gravitational sedimentation effect of colloidal silica crystals in binary systems of titanium dioxide and silica particles, Phase Transitions 80 p875-886, 2007
  2. Europium ions in electrolytic colored KCl:Pb2+ + Eu2+ crystals, 京都産業大学先端科学技術研究所所報5 11-22, 2006
  3. New emission band of PtOEP phosphor in organic LED devices, Current Applied Physics 5 47-54, 2005
  4. Organic LED device based on PtOEP phosphor without doping in host material,Current Applied Physics 5 633-639, 2005