Professor Kouji SEGAWA

Area and Subject Taught Quantum Functional Materials
Research Theme(s) Experimental research on topological materials
Academic Degrees Ph. D (Science)
Keywords for Research Field Solid state physics, Topological insulators, Topological superconductors, Transport properties, Single crystals
Office Phone Number Not Public
e-mail Not Public

Research Overview

The research field of Segawa laboratory is the experimental research on solid state physics. We cover a wide experimental activities, such as the material synthesis, measurement of basic physical properties, and development of research equipment. On the material synthesis, we grow single crystals by the melt-growth method with quartz-tube sealing and the flux method, and thin films by the sputtering method. At present we focus on topological insulators/superconductors, and we are ready to grow various materials depending on the research trends and/or students’ interest. The transport properties and magnetic properties can be measured at the temperature range from 1.5K to 500K, and at the magnetic fields up to 8 tesla.

Notable Publications and Works in the Last Three Years

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  2. K. Matano, M. Kriener, K. Segawa, Y. Ando and G.-Q. Zheng, “Spin-rotation symmetry breaking in the superconducting state of CuxBi2Se3”, Nat. Phys. 12, 852 (2016).
  3. Z. Wang, K. Segawa, S. Sasaki, A.A. Taskin and Y. Ando, “Ferromagnetism in Cr-doped topological insulator TlSbTe2, APL Mater. 3 083302 (2015).
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