Professor Toshihide Maskawa

Area and Subject Taught Elementary Particle Theory
Research Theme(s) Theory of Quantum Gravity and Space-Time
Academic Degrees Doctor of Science, Nagoya University
Keywords for Research Field Elementary Particle Theory, Field Theory, Gauge Theory
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Research Overview

In the 1970s it became known that, of the four interactions that act upon elementary particles, the electromagnetic interaction, the weak interaction and the strong interaction can be described by means of gauge theory; this has been well verified by experiments. In 2002 it was confirmed that the phenomenon known as violation of CP symmetry can be explained in detail using the six-quark theory proposed jointly by Makoto Kobayashi and myself. The remaining issue would seem to be supersymmetric particles, and it is probably just a matter of time until they are confirmed by experiments.
Another issue that remains is quantum gravity. Promising candidate theories for this problem such as string theory have been advanced, and particle physicists all over the world are competing to complete the theory. Recall that the Newtonian mechanics, which could not be applied to the microworld and objects moving at nearly the speed of light, was eventually replaced by new theory that satisfy the requirements of quantum mechanics and relativity theory. Similarly to this, I consider quantum gravity to be a problem of space-time in the hyper microworld, and I hope to reconstruct the concept of space-time to satisfy the requirements of this world. I don't think this problem is a simple one, but as I have received a certain amount of public recognition of my work thus far, I think it might be a good idea to try an approach that differs somewhat from the current fashion.

Notable Publications and Works in the Last Three Years


今をどう生きる 科学・震災・核・被曝を語る(沢田昭二共著、旬報社、2016年)
僕はこうして科学者になった 益川敏英自伝(文藝春秋、2016年)
「大発見」の思考法 iPS細胞 vs. 素粒子(山中伸弥共著、文藝春秋、2011年)