Professor Toshifumi Futamase

Area and Subject Taught Cosmology
Research Theme(s) Cosmology, General Relativity
Academic Degrees Ph.D, University College, Cardiff
Keywords for Research Field Theoretical Physics, Astronomy, Cosmology, General Relativity
Office Phone Number Not Public
e-mail Not Public

Research Overview

Theoretical and observational studies on various unsolved problems in cosmology such as nature of dark energy and dark matter based on the observable phenomena like cosmological gravitational lensing and Temperature fluctuation in cosmic microwave background radiation.
Theoretical study on the gravitational wave emitted by astrophysical objects.

Notable Publications and Works in the Last Three Years

T. Futamase, “Gravitational Lensing in Cosmology; One hundred Years of General Relativity” (World Scientific Publication Company, 2015 )

T. Futamase, “On the strong field point particle limit and Equation of Motion in General Relativity”, (Springer, Fundamental Theories of Physics, Vol.179, 317-326, 2015)

R. Hada & T. Futamase, “Magnitude-redshift relation in a realistic inhomogeneous universe” Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, Vol.12,article id.042, (2014)

N. Okabe, T. Futamase, M. Kajisawa & R. Kuroshima, “Subaru Weak-Lensing Survey of Dark Matter Subhalos in the Coma Cluster : Subhalo Mass Function and Statistical Properties” Astrophysical Journal, Vol.784, article id.90, (2014)

二間瀬敏史 宇宙物理学 朝倉書店 (2014)

N.S. Sugiyama & T. Futamase,”Relation between the Standard Perturbation Theory and Regularized Multi-point Propagator Method” Astrophysical. Journal. Vol.769, article id.106, (2013)

K. Fujio & T. Futamase,” Solution space of Bianchi type I spacetime in loop quantum cosmology” Physical Review. D, vol. 87, Issue 6, id. 064013 (2013)